Who We Are.

StrategyBox is the world’s fastest growing customer journey mapping platform. We put the marketing data of retail, technology and financial service companies in one place. Then use AI to tell marketers what to do next to drive up sales.
On average we automate the 1200+ hours spent annually on manual marketing reporting and drive up clickthrough rates 20%+ through AI-powered campaign improvement recommendations.
Our vision is to be the way marketing is measured in the next four years.

We automate the boring and give insights on your marketing performance you wouldn’t otherwise have. So you can do the work,
and see the results you’ve always dreamed of.

The Team.

Like 1960’s NASA. The Mid-90’s Chicago Bulls. Mid-Aughts Tom Ford.

StrategyBox is a group of Happy Warriors vibrating a little higher. They’re at the top of their craft and seeking career-defining experiences for themselves and those around them.

Aaron Vidas of StrategyBox Headshot
Aaron Vidas

CEO, Founder

Alex Hill of StrategyBox Headshot
Alexander Hill

Director, Business Development

Justin Barton


Abdul Shehata of StrategyBox Headshot
Abdul Shehata

Technical Operations Manager

Bradley Gill of StrategyBox Headshot
Bradley Gill

Lead Developer

Arturo Ortiz of StrategyBox Headshot
Arturo Ortiz

Customer Success Manager

Wes Lord of StrategyBox Headshot
Wes Lord

Front End Developer

Dawn Hillman of StrategyBox Headshot
Dawn Hillman

Administrative Assistant

Why we got into marketing.

It’s just not working well anymore. We’re helping people see the way up.

You got into marketing because you’ve got killer taste. If you were like me, you poured over magazine ads in GQ and Vogue, trying to discern what the model staring off into middle distance was trying to express.

You get that a brand is more than a logo slapped on the side of something. It’s a feeling. It’s a way of being.

Brands are how we find our tribe, to stand for something and to express ourselves.

You got into marketing because you see yourself as able to inhabit a cool hood, the corner of Creativity and Commerce.

However, us modern marketers are finding ourselves in the dark alley of Spreadsheet Lane.

You, and your team’s time, is spent in spreadsheets, endless powerpoints all trying to answer, “Are we delivering results for the budget we’ve been given? What do we do next to drive up results?”

You can’t really tell because the data you’re getting is weeks old.

That’s a paradox of choice. You’ve got more options to get your customer’s attention than ever before. From radio to ‘influencers’ on video sharing apps.

The problem is your customer has choice for their attention too. They’re watching Netflix, while scrolling Instagram and texting their best friend.

However, you can breakthrough and connect with your customer. Know what they look like, what they love and how they’re interacting with you over time. All the content, ads and interactions they have before they buy from you. We call it customer journey mapping. It’s the trip your customer takes from first touch to sale.

We started StrategyBox to show you that journey. To give you the means to see how you’re doing against your goals. To free you from the tyranny of endless columns and slides. So you can spend your time on cool sh*t like new campaigns and new partners.

To give you the surety that increasing spend on this campaign, and not that one, will bring you the results you want. On what creative to run without testing will drive up sales. All for the same budget.

To walk confidently into that Marketing Budget meeting with your CEO and CFO and instead of being looked at like so many dollars flying out the door, show them how $1 in marketing turns into $10 in sales.

We’re helping calm a chaotic world and arming you with the way to move confidently in an uncertain world.

– Aaron, CEO/Founder

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Where we’re going.

Our aim is to become the way marketing is measured in the next four years.

We’re starting with creating a culture of Happy Warriors. People vibrating on a higher level who are 100% responsible for their thoughts, feelings and actions. Who are at the top of their craft and interested in creating career defining experiences for themselves and those around them.

Next, we’ve built a platform that provides all a marketer’s data in one place. Then what to do next to drive better results using analysis not accessible to the vast majority of companies.

Today, we support 110+ of the most popular marketing, advertising and e-commerce platforms, more than any other customer journey mapping solution. Layered on top are insights into what to focus on – from changes in spend to what ads to run – to drive up results. Our average customer today saves 1200+ hours annually on reporting and sees a 20% jump in clickthrough rates.

This is coupled to a brand that speaks to marketers as whole human beings who love well made, cool sh*t. Ralph Lauren Purple Label meets Supreme.

Our User growth is being fueled by powerful partnerships. Automating a tough process, and giving insights no one else can, for large agencies, retail, SaaS, private equity groups and revenue-based lenders. We provide a revenue sharing structure that generates abundance for all involved.

It’s the Culture, Technology and Distribution that frees marketers of drudgery and unleashes huge stores of value.

It’s the way up.

Feel the call to ‘the soul’s high adventure’ and want to join us? Check out our Careers page.

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