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StrategyBox is the world’s fastest growing customer journey mapping platform. We show you how your marketing drives sales. Then what to do next to drive up results.

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The New Normal: 2021 Marketing Benchmark Report

Know what to spend and what ad performance to expect in 2021. Plus, find out what CEOs really want out of their CMOs in the coming year.


Marketing Interactions Catalogued


Interviews with C Suites about performance



What StrategyBox Does.

Real Intelligence

No more collated Powerpoints, broken Google Data Studio Dashboards or outdated agency reports.

Clear Results

Our simple dashboards show you what channels, campaigns and ads are driving the most efficient results.

Defined Action

Get specific next steps. Whether it’s spending more on a channel or tweaking an ad to drive up your results.

All Your Data in One Place

On average, our customers save 4-6 hrs/week currently spent on messy, manual marketing reporting.
More time on creativity, less on drudgery.


Is your team manually piecing together your marketing’s performance by collating results from your advertising platforms, your e-commerce, and your agency?


We put your marketing performance data in one spot so you can see your performance and progress, as it happens.

250 Billion+

Marketing interactions fuel our creative recommendations and competitive intelligence.

Powered by 2000+ of the world’s greatest companies.


More clicks on your paid media

It’s better results for the same marketing spend.


Weeks shaved off for A/B testing

Know right away which headlines, images, colours and CTAs will convert.

Up and Running in 2 weeks or less.*

Other customer journey mapping and analytics platforms tout easy implementation. What they don’t share is that you start with a blank dashboard and have to link all your data sources to it.

StrategyBox provides you with world-class on-boarding that:

Fits your business goals

Automatically links to your data sources

Delivers best-in-class training

Helps make the most of your investment, fast

*Our average customer is signed on with an agreement to live dashboards for their teams in two weeks or less. Sometimes adding integrations to new platforms can take a little longer. Before you sign-on to StrategyBox you’ll know exactly how long it will take.

Integrations We Support.

Plug and play with all your favourites.

We have over 140+ partners and can connect with a new data source within 4 weeks.

Wondering if we connect with your marketing platforms?

These businesses demand
more from their marketing.

StrategyBox is a gamechanger for us. Plus, they’ve been so much fun to work with.

– Ryan Shortt
National Director of Digital Sales at Stingray

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